PETA is turning up the heat on the U.K.'s Ministry of Defense.

The animal rights organization has released a new ad featuring 23-year-old British soul singer Joss Stone in the buff — and hugging a stuffed bear. The campaign, which carries the slogan "Bear hugs, not bear caps," is protesting the use of real black bear fur in the caps worn by the Queen's Guard.

"Too many people at the Ministry of Defense are dragging their heels on this issue, and I feel like more needs to be done to stop the murder," said Stone.

"It's time for the Ministry of Defense to finally make the switch and go fur-free, and I hope that the ad I have created with PETA helps raise awareness and puts a stop to this unnecessary killing."

The campaign, one of PETA’s longest running themes, has seen past support from celebrities such as Jamie Bamber, Stella McCartney, Julian Clary and James Cromwell.

Check out Stone's full ad with PETA below.

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Joss Stone goes naked for PETA
British soul singer strips down to protest the use of black bear fur in caps worn by the Queen's Guard.