Back in June, when Deadline reported that "Rise of the Planet of the Apes" scribes Rick Jaffa & Amanda Silver had been hired to write a fresh script for "Jurassic Park IV," a small glimmer of hope appeared that the forever-delayed film might actually happen. 


Since the third film in the series hit theaters in 2001, Steven Spielberg has been trying without success to get a fourth film into development. Unfortunately, a malaise of issues plagued production, namely repeated script revisions that never satisfied the director. "He felt neither of [the drafts] balanced the science and adventure elements effectively," the late special effects artist Stan Winston said in April 2005. "It's a tough compromise to reach, as too much science will make the movie too talky, but too much adventure will make it seem hollow.


As for the storyline, hints were dropped that it would have something to do with genetic tampering. "They've already brought dinosaurs back," said paleontologist and film consultant Jack Horner, "so how could they make the dinosaurs scarier?"


That was the question - and up until this week it was anyone's guess. Yesterday on Reddit, the curtain was pulled back on some leaked concept art that would have featured dinosaur-human hybrids as the bad guys. Yep. 



"Back in 2005, William Monahan and John Sayles wrote a script for Jurassic Park 4 in which a secret genetics lab has been cross-breeding humans with dinosaurs," wrote the source. "The result is an army of grotesque and intelligent humanoid dino freaks with problem-solving intelligence and the ability to fire automatic weapons. Yeah. Their storyline was scrapped but it apparently got much farther along in production than anyone realized."


To further back up the drawings, the source pointed to an early script review from AICN that mentions the humanoid/dino creatures. 


"They have super-sensitive smell and hearing, incredible strength and speed and pack-hunting instincts, and they have modified forelegs, lengthened and topped with more dexterous fingers, as well as dog DNA for increased obedience and human DNA so they can solve problems well. All of this is topped off with a drug-regulating implant that can dose them with adrenaline or serotonin as the situation demands."


Wrote one commenter on Reddit, echoing the sentiments of nearly everyone: "Man, I really wish they'd made this. I would have loved hating it."


More concept art available here

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'Jurassic Park IV' almost had human-dino hybrids
Leaked concept art from an early script confirms a plot line that involved cross-breeding humans with dinosaurs.