Less than a year after "Jurassic Park III" hit theaters in 2001, director Steven Spielberg immediately set plans in motion to produce a fourth film. Screenwriters were hired, actors signed, and paleontologists consulted for a planned summer 2005 release. 


Unfortunately, a malaise of issues plagued production, namely repeated script revisions that never satisfied Spielberg. "He felt neither of [the drafts] balanced the science and adventure elements effectively," the late special effects artist Stan Winston said in April 2005. "It's a tough compromise to reach, as too much science will make the movie too talky, but too much adventure will make it seem hollow."


After "Jurassic Park" creator author Michael Crichton died of throat cancer in 2008, further doubt was thrown on the chances of JPIV ever seeing the light of day. I sorta felt maybe that's it," producer Kathleen Kennedy said in 2008. "Maybe that's a sign that we don't mess with it."


Fast-forward a few years and it appears that the film actually has traction again - with Spielberg set to produce and JPIII director Joe Johnston behind the camera. Deadline is reporting that "Rise of the Planet of the Apes" scribes Rick Jaffa & Amanda Silver have been hired to write the script; which is promising news considering the unexpected success (and character development) featured in that film. 


As for the story, little is known - but paleontologist Jack Horner (who served as the partial inspiration for Dr. Alan Grant from "Jurassic Park") did say it may revolve around the consequences of genetic tampering. "They've already brought dinosaurs back... so how could they make the dinosaurs scarier?," he said.


Ok - so lasers? If Spielberg follows through on the below image, I'll be there opening day. 


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'Jurassic Park IV' may actually happen
'Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes' writers Rick Jaffa and Amanda Silver have officially signed on to write the script.