The clock is ticking on Justin Bieber's monkey drama. 

The 19-year-old pop star, who lately has been making headlines for all the wrong reasons, continued his poor publicity streak last week after German officials seized his pet capuchin monkey. Bieber had entered the country without the necessary paperwork for the animal, which was subsequently placed in quarantine at a local animal shelter. 

Since the incident, German officials have given the singer four weeks to provide the proper documents or face forfeiting ownership and incurring a fine. Naturally, many people (including yours truly) believe the latter option in the best interests of both parties. Mally is apparently thriving in the care of his temporary owners — something Bieber would know only via the media as he reportedly hasn't checked in on the capuchin. 

"Monkeys are not pets. Separating a capuchin monkey from his fellow monkeys and raising him at home is not right for this type of animal," Laura Zimprich, spokeswoman for the German organization Animal Public told E!. "The animal will develop serious behavioral disorders. Mally is only 14 weeks old. To separate him from his mom and to take him on tour as a living stuffed toy can only be characterized as animal cruelty."

Animal Public, along with a growing chorus of other animal advocates, believes Bieber should not be allowed to be reunited with his pet — and be hit with the full 50,000 euro ($65,135) fine. 

"The owner has four weeks to provide the paperwork — if not it will go to the zoo," Munich animal shelter boss Karl Heinz Joachim told the German Herald. "We have been offered a new home for the little fellow by a zoo in the UK. I would prefer that. If Bieber gives up the animal or fails to claim it, it will not under any circumstances be allowed to go back into private hands."

Check out video of Mally at the Munich animal shelter below.

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Justin Bieber given four weeks to claim pet monkey
Pop star's capuchin monkey in quarantine in Germany until proper paperwork is delivered.