Justin Bieber is frantically making a last-ditch effort to get his beloved pet monkey back from German custom officials. 

I'm just kidding. He's not doing anything. In fact, it's as good as a done deal that in only a few hours, Mally the baby capuchin will be living the sweet life at a zoo or animal shelter somewhere in Germany. 

"If no further documents arrive, then the seizure order comes into effect and the animal becomes the property of the German state," customs spokesman Thomas Meister told The Associated Press.

Justin Bieber and monkey
A little over a month and a half ago, Mally was confiscated from the 19-year-old after he failed to produce the necessary documentation for her entry into Germany. Beyond some unconfirmed emails with what animal shelter officials believe was Bieber's manager, Scooter Braun, little concern for the capuchin's well-being has been shown by the pop star and his entourage. 

“Our team is looking into the idea of placing Mally at a zoo in Germany," wrote Braun. "Would you happen to have any recommendations for places that Mally would be safe and thrive? Again, we are very concerned that Mally is safe and placed in the best possible residence.”

Uh huh. In addition to giving up Mally, Bieber is also going to have to open his wallet. German customs officials are demanding that the singer cough up thousands of dollars in food, housing and vet costs for the monkey. 

"You can bet we are going to ask for that money back," Munich animal shelter manager Karl Heinz Joachim said. 

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Justin Bieber will lose his monkey at midnight
Mally the capuchin will be moved to a permanent zoo or animal shelter should the pop star fail to contact authorities before end-of-day Friday.