Joining past recipients such as Edward Norton, Rosario Dawson, and the music group Maroon 5, performer Justin Timberlake will receive the Environmental Media Association's Futures Award, which recognizes future environmental leaders in entertainment.


The 30-year-old scored the honor in celebration of his support for green initiatives and sustainable practices in both his music tours and at his 300-acre Mirimichi Golf Course in Tennessee. Last year, Mirimichi was recognized as the first golf course in the Americas to receive the Golf Environment Organization's "GEO Certified" status. Upon its launch in 2009 (after Timberlake saved it from certain development), it was also the first in the country to be designated as a certified Audubon International Classic Sanctuary.


"Environmental sustainability is about more than what we do at our course," Timberlake said in a statement last year. "It is about taking a leadership role and encouraging other golf courses, and organizations of all kinds around the country and around the globe to emulate our commitment toward making a positive impact on the world we live in."


EMA President Debbie Levin called Timberlake "a great example of how you can lend your voice for positive change."


The 21st Annual Environmental Media Awards will be held Oct. 15 in Burbank, Calif.


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Justin Timberlake to be honored as environmental leader
Environmental Media Association to give the entertainer its prestigious Futures Award.