Earlier this year, Kate Middleton finally revealed the lucky charities she'll be officially supporting in her role as Duchess of Cambridge. This past weekend, she got down and dirty with one of them. 


The 30-year-old spent Sunday getting to know 28 boys and girls attending an 'Expanding Horizons' Primary School camp, part of an effort by the organization ARK to bring inner-city kids together in an outdoor setting.  


After touring some tipis the children had built, Middleton sat with the group in the mud around a fire and opened up a bit on her new life. "Well, it's been very busy and great fun…but I am very well looked after," she said. "William is very sweet and kind of spoils me."


That Middleton would choose to enjoy the great outdoors with kids is not surprising considering her great love of nature. Back in 2010, she and Prince William spent several days at a lodging station in a remote piece of Mount Kenya National Park. With no electricity and only candlelight and fires, it proved to be the perfect spot for the couple to get engaged. 


A source said, “Short of being inside the SAS’s base at Hereford, this is the safest place in the world for William. It is the one place he can be himself. And he does not have to be guarded because the wildlife there are his guardians.”


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Kate Middelton goes on charity camping trip
Duchess of Cambridge attends trip organized to help inner-city children learn teamwork in an outdoor setting.