Kate Middleton has finally chosen the charities she will officially patron, putting to rest decisions that palace sources said required sifting "through a few hundred requests." In the end, she settled on four, with each representing a passion in her own life.


"The duchess’s new roles reflect her royal highness’s wish to support the royal family’s work in highlighting important causes in the charitable and voluntary sector and the arts," a statement reads. "The duchess has chosen to support organizations that complement the charitable work already undertaken by her husband."


Effective immediately, the duchess will support the following charities as summarized by Ecorazzi.com:


Patron of Action on Addiction, an organization that helps children and families affected by substance abuse. According to People’s palace source, her decision stems from an observation that addiction “lay at the heart of many of the social issues she was looking at.”


Royal Patron of East Anglia’s Children’s Hospices, which cares for terminal children and those with life-threatening diseases. The organization is based in Cambridge, which also played a role in her choice.


Royal Patron of The Art Room, which aids children by using art as therapy. Middleton has already visited The Art Room, prompting the organization’s founder to say, “It is a fantastic endorsement of ... the role that art and creativity can play in helping children and young people whose start in life has been difficult.”


Patron of the National Portrait Gallery, London, which reflects her interest in art, which she studied at St. Andrews University.


In a nod to her love of the outdoors, Middleton will also volunteer from time to time with the younger Members of the Scout Movement — Beaver Scouts and Cub Scouts. "Her royal highness will become what is formally termed an occasional helper in the Scout association," the palace reveals. "The role is open to anyone who is interested in helping one or several groups at a frequency that suits the volunteer."


While Middleton started her charity search in September, her wedding dress kicked off the fundraising efforts well before that. For 10 weeks this summer, the official residence of London's monarchy opened its doors — with the 29-year-old's gorgeous bridal gown as the main attraction. According to sources, more than 600,000 people parted ways with $28 for the chance to spy the dress — a record-breaking number that crushed the previous record of 420,000 in 1994. Add it all up and that's nearly $17 million raised. 


While a formal number is forthcoming, palace officials predict that more than $1 million of the money earned will help support Kate's new charities. You can see a NBC video recap of her picks by clicking here


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Kate Middleton's charities revealed
Duchess of Cambridge selects organizations that involve the arts, helping children and the outdoors.