The most famous new puppy of 2012 finally has a name! 


Kate Middleton (aka, the Duchess of Cambridge), recently told a group of schoolchildren that her cocker spaniel's name is Lupo. Media pounced on the new addition after the Duchess and her husband Prince William were spotted strolling along a beach in North Wales in early January with the little black pup in tow. Since then, people have been eager to find out more. 


According to People, Middleton revealed the name after a child handed her a stuffed toy dog during a charity visit to The Art Room. When she inquired what the name of the toy was, the kid said it did not have one. She said to him: “Why don't we call it after my dog? He's called Lupo."


Said a source to the mag, "They liked the name. They like the play on the word for wolf." In Latin, the name for wolf is lupus. 


Unfortunately, despite previous reports, Kate and Will did not adopt Lupo, but rather were given him as a gift by Middleton's parents. According to the UK Telegraph, the four-month old pup is the son of a dog belonging to Carole Middleton.


No word yet on what charities the dog is considering supporting. 

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Kate Middleton's new puppy is named Lupo
William and Kate reportedly name the new addition after lupus, the Latin word for wolf.