The royal wedding may have hit the history books months ago, but if attendance records at Buckingham Palace are any proof, the world's fascination with the nuptials of Prince William and Kate Middleton will continue for some time to come. 


For 10 weeks this summer, the official residence of London's monarchy opened its doors — with Kate Middleton's gorgeous bridal gown the main attraction. According to sources, more than 600,000 people parted ways with $28 each for the chance to spy the dress — a record-breaking number that crushed the previous record of 420,000 in 1994. Add it all up and that's nearly $17 million raised. 


"It is an incredible figure," a spokeswoman for the Royal Collection told People. "It is easily a record. We were thrilled to welcome people from all over the world and delighted it has been such a huge success."


While most of the cash will go towards maintaining Buckingham Palace's extensive treasures and arts, just more than $1 million will reportedly benefit charities supported by the Duchess of Cambridge. According to The Telegraph, a formal charity number will not be announced until next summer. 


Next up, the money-maker heads back into storage, with Middleton "keen to ensure that the dress survives undamaged for as long as possible."


As reported earlier, donations in lieu of gifts for the royal nuptials resulted in more than $1.6 million benefitting 26 charities picked personally by Kate and William. Earlier this month, E! News reported that the Foundation of Prince William and Prince Harry may be re-named to include Middleton's new leading role within the charity. 

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