Back in 2010, former "Grey's Anatomy" star Katherine Heigl announced the launch of a new charity, The Jason Debus Heigl Foundation, named in honor of her late brother and dedicated to helping animals. According to Heigl, the organization's mission is to curb the growing pet population problems in Los Angeles, as well as “support of training and obedience programs, rescue organizations, ‘no kill shelters,’ pet adoption schemes and programs that help move homeless animals away from shelters that intend to put them down.”

In December 2012, Heigl announced a new collection of pet products created to help raise money for her foundation  and directly benefit shelters around the country. Called "Just One," it features an array of items from collars to pooper scoopers, all sporting the brand's ubiquitous shades of orange styling. 

"The name Just One isn't a marketer's manufactured title," she wrote last month in a blog post. "The name actually speaks to the goal of the foundation — it only takes Just One person to make a difference. So when you hear numbers like 'almost 4 million a year' or 'over 10,000 a day,' there's no need to get overwhelmed by how many animals are suffering because you can make a difference — by helping us help Just One at a time! Each of us can help one and together we'll help them all."

In a recent appearance on "Good Morning America," Heigl, who owns seven rescue dogs and three cats, said she hoped the brand's unique colors would make a statement, inspiring others to get involved. "We're hoping more and more people have these on their pets," she said, "and people will know what it means."

The entire Just One collection is available via the official site or at

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Katherine Heigl launches charity pet product line 'Just One'
Proceeds from new collection of leashes, dishes, collars and other products will benefit animal shelters and initiatives around the country.