In 1981, adventurer Yossi Ghinsberg traveled to the Bolivian Amazon with two friends in search of gold in a remote Indian village. The trio took along with them a geologist/guide Ghinsberg had befriended who claimed to know the exact location of the treasure. Like past attempts to squeeze fortune out of the rainforest, the expedition ended up turning deadly, no gold was ever found, and Ghinsberg barely survived with his life. He recalled the entire ordeal in the best-selling 2005 novel "Jungle: A Harrowing True Story of Survival;" a tale the Sun Herald described as unfolding "like a nightmare movie."

The film industry agreed. The Discovery Channel pounced first, with Ghinsberg's expedition the focus of an episode of "I Shouldn't Be Alive." Studio Arclight Films came next, hiring screenwriter Justin Monjo to adapt the novel and Greg Mclean ("Wolf Creek," "Rogue") to direct. 

"I am so thrilled to be making a film about this astonishing true  tale  of survival and personal transformation," he said earlier this year. "The raw and honest narration of both book and script read like a classic thriller that has deep spiritual resonance alongside the challenging and horrific events that unfold."

Mclean himself confirmed today that Kevin Bacon, who just finished working with the director on the thriller "6 Miranda Drive," has agreed to take on the lead of Yossi Ghinsberg. 

"The story requires an actor of consummate skill to bring to life a complex, dangerous and alluring character who anchors the entire piece," he said in a statement. "Kevin was our first and only choice and I look forward to working with him again."

Shooting is expected to begin early next year on location in Australia and Columbia. 

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Kevin Bacon to take on true survival drama 'Jungle'
Film will tell the harrowing tale of adventurer Yossi Ghinsberg, who survived a deadly expedition into the Bolivian Amazon in 1981.