After tweeting a photo of his visit with officers from Boston's Special Operations (SWAT) team last week, Kevin Spacey followed up with just one more — a cryptic shot of an animal's tail. His almost-3 million followers were left guessing until two days later, when the 53-year-old revealed the newest member of his family, an adopted puppy named "Boston." 

As you can see, Spacey apparently picked up little Boston from the North Shore Animal League of America, the world’s largest no-kill animal rescue and adoption organization. Boston is the second adopted pup for the "House of Cards" actor, who also rescued a terrier mix named "Mini" from London's Battersea Dog's Home
According to the Boston Herald, Spacey was so moved by the recent events in Boston that he immediately “had to get on a plane” after watching the town's "strength and heart."

“I’m not a doctor or first responder, but if people know me from movies, and walking into their work space or room brings a smile to their face — with the challenges these amazing citizens have in front of them — then that’s worth coming,” Spacey said. “The cops, nurses, doctors, hospital staff and patients that I have met over the past few days have given me the greatest feeling of pride in being an American and made me understand that we are all Boston.”

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Kevin Spacey adopts dog, names her 'Boston' in honor of the city
'House of Cards' actor adopted the little mutt from the North Shore Animal League.