Leave it to Frank Underwood to prank Hillary Clinton on behalf of her husband. 

The fictitious politician, played to perfection by actor Kevin Spacey on Netflix's "House of Cards," appears in an amusing new video for The Clinton Foundation; using his skills of impersonation to glean birthday present info from the former Secretary of State. 

“I like to entertain myself by having some fun with my predecessors,” says Spacey before launching into his best Bill Clinton voice. 

It's an amusing little video, something The Clinton Foundation has a habit of producing, and at one point even touches upon Hillary's anti-poaching efforts. 

"I'd really love one of those elephants you're always talking about saving," says Spacey. When Clinton expresses concerns for the safety of the couple's dogs, Spacey quips: "Well, how about a baby elephant..." 

You can check out the video below. To sign Bill Clinton's 68th birthday card before the August 19th celebration, jump here

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Kevin Spacey urges Hillary Clinton to buy an elephant for Bill Clinton's birthday
Actor channels his Frank Underwood character from 'House of Cards' in a prank video for The Clinton Foundation.