Prior to Hurricane Sandy making landfall just south of New York City on Monday evening, several late-night talk show hosts declared that the show would go on. 


"We will be doing a new show tomorrow night no matter what," tweeted Jimmy Fallon Sunday evening. 


"We are bringing in back-up generators and will be able to do our show in the event of a power failure," said a rep for "Jimmy Kimmel Live!," which was slated for a special week-long taping event at the Brooklyn Academy of Music.


As Sandy drew closer, the full epic scope of the storm became clear, causing Kimmel to call off the taping. "Though it pains us to do it, JKLfrom #Brooklyn tonight is canceled. I'm disappointed too, but we want you to be safe," tweeted Kimmel.


While Fallon didn't cancel, he did keep audiences home in the interest of safety, leading to one of the more bizarre opening monologues in the history of late night.


"I'm hoping, if you're watching, you are at home, you are safe, you're warm ... but we're here,” said Fallon.


As you'll see in the video below, it almost looked like a rehearsal, with all of the jokes devoid of the usual audience laughter. In many ways, that made the uncomfortable nature of the whole thing even more hilarious.  


David Letterman also went on as planned, sans audience. 


"We're in the middle of Hurricane Sandy and we have no studio audience, but we do have quite a show for you tonight. Thank you for joining us in the Ed Sullivan Shelter,” said Dave.


Additional late-night casualties of Hurricane Sandy included Jon Stewart's "The Daily Show" and Stephen Colbert's "The Colbert Report." It's expected both programs will resume taping on Tuesday.


Check out Fallon's opening monologue in the video below: 



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Kimmel cancels show, Letterman and Fallon go on
Even the late-night talk shows were not immune from the wrath of Hurricane Sandy. Jimmy Kimmel canceled his show while David Letterman and Jimmy Fallon go on wi