Celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay has suffered another tragedy from one of his reality cooking shows with the suicide of a 2007 "Kitchen Nightmares" contestant named Joseph Cerniglia.

The 39-year-old, who owned the restaurant Campania in New Jersey, was found dead in the Hudson River after reportedly jumping from the George Washington Bridge.

The suicide is the second to hit host Ramsay. In 2007, Rachel Brown, a contestant on the reality series "Hell's Kitchen," shot herself to death in her family's Dallas home — almost a year after being eliminated from the second season of the show.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Cerniglia had appeared as a contestant in the midst of some heavy debt issues related to his restaurant. 

"I'm financially in trouble — the debt of the restaurant alone is overwhelming. My personal debt — wife, kids mortgage — that's a lot of debt," he told Ramsay on the show. "I owe my purveyors about $80,000 right now in cold, hard cash ... I can't see us going on another year."

Cerniglia's family posted a message on his Facebook page, thanking "all of the friends that have sent their condolences" and asking that donations be sent to support his widow and their three sons.

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'Kitchen Nightmares' star Joseph Cerniglia commits suicide
Former contestant found dead after jumping into the Hudson River from the George Washington Bridge.