Skydiver James Lee has good friends — and good luck.

Just moments after stepping out of an airplane during a dive in Wiltshire, England, Lee was inadvertently struck on the head by another skydiver and fell unconscious. As his body hurtled towards the ground, slowly tumbling over through the air, his friends took notice and maneuvered over to him to investigate. After they saw that Lee was out, they wasted no time in stabilizing his fall and getting him into a safe position to pull his canopy. Though modern skydiving rigs come equipped with altimeters that will automatically deploy the parachute once a certain altitude has been hit, if the diver is tumbling around, the chances of a bad pull or an entanglement go up.

Lee didn’t wake up again until he was under canopy. I can’t imagine coming to after being knocked unconscious and finding yourself thousands of feet up in the air. Terrifying!

It’s a crazy story and an even crazier video. Give it a watch (via The Telegraph):

Huge props to his friends for their swift, clear-headed actions. Nice work!

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Knocked out skydiver gets amazing assist; helmet cam captures the drama
Skydiver James Lee was on routine jump with friends when something went horribly wrong. Watch as his skydiving friends leap into action.