If you saw last month's hilarious spoof of the "Celebrity Division" for the Clinton Global Initiative, you've likely already glimpsed a bit of the below clip. 


FunnyOrDie.com has put together a collection of comedian Kristen Wiig's hilarious suggestions for ways to help the organization achieve its environmental initiatives. Since only Ben Stiller, Ted Danson and Mary Steenburgen could be together at the same time, the production crew had to film Wiig, Matt Damon and Sean Penn separately. As you'll see, not everything made the final cut. 


In the clip, we see the "SNL" actress list off some ridiculous ideas, including fighting global warming by asking everyone to reduce their breathing, therefore limiting the release of CO2. 


"Every time we exhale, we release carbons into the atmosphere," she says. "So, the GBI asks, what if every person in the world holds their breath for one minute every day..."


"That's like taking a billion cars off the road," she adds. 


In response to the clip, one humorous commenter quipped, "Imagine what we could do if we held our breath for 8 consecutive minutes a day..."


Check out the video below: 


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