For Kristin Chenoweth, last night was probably the first and last time she'll ever eat sushi. 

The 44-year-old actress appeared on "The Tonight Show" with Jay Leno, conspicuously sharing her aversion to seafood. 

"I hate sushi," she said. "It looks like it's wrapped in plastic ... I won't ever eat fish. I hate the smell, taste, texture — all of it — and I told you I would only eat sushi if you made a donation to my charity Maddie's Corner ... But you have not done that."

As you would expect, Leno was ready with a check for $500 for the animal organization, as well as a plate of raw sea urchin. 

"It looks prickly," Chenoweth squealed, as she took a fork to the urchin. "It looks like a porcupine! Oh my God you guys, there's a worm in there!"

Her verdict after one painful-to-watch-bite? 

"That tastes like crap! Why would anyone pay for that? That's offensive," she concluded. "Thank you ... and I appreciate it, but I will never make that bet with you again."

As gratitude for her willingness to go the distance, Leno doubled his original donation to $1,000. Check out video of the exchange below. 

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Kristin Chenoweth eats sea urchin on charity dare from Leno
Despite her aversion to seafood, actress consumes raw sushi to help raise cash for her animal charity. Maddie's Corner.