L.A. Rainwater Harvesting Program: Sign up to get a free barrel installed!Drought and water shortages have cities worried — and in L.A., actually putting money towards alleviating the problem. While rebates for water-efficient toilets and appliances aren’t being paid thanks to the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California being cash-strapped, Los Angeles residents have a new free water-saving opportunity to take advantage of: L.A. Rainwater Harvesting Program.

Residents and businesses in the Mar Vista, Sawtelle and Jefferson areas can sign up for the city’s new pilot program, which includes a free rain barrel — and free installation, too! The dealio — an estimated $250 value — will then continue to save you money by collecting free water when it rains to use for irrigation at the home or business — or to reroute to pervious surfaces to soak into the ground instead of pushed into the gutters to create urban runoff.

The goal: “to reduce the polluted rainwater that goes into the ocean and help conserve the use of potable water.” Plus, since new water-saving laws forbidding overwatering and mandating conservation went into effect, Angelenos can use the barrels to help them comply with the new rules.

Be one of the 600 residents to take part in the pilot program by signing up at LA Rainwater Harvesting Program or by calling 562.597.0205. — if you live in those neighborhoods. The program gets its money from a grant funded by State Proposition 12.

In other watery news, the Jet Propulsion Lab in Pasadena and the Los Angeles Department of Power & Water are going to work together to bring water-saving automatic sensors to sprinklers around the city.

Image courtesy of L.A. Rainwater Harvesting Program

L.A. gives out free rain barrels
Angelenos can get free water barrels installed in their homes or businesses, thanks to the city's new water-conservation program.