Some big names are gathering to celebrate and honor the work of former President Bill Clinton and his William J. Clinton Foundation. Bono and The Edge, Lady Gaga, Usher and many others are scheduled to perform at a concert that will be streamed live over Yahoo! and reach several million people.


The Oct. 15 event, rocking out at the Hollywood Bowl in California, will celebrate 10 years of Clinton's foundation,  which has raised some $10 billion for causes like HIV/AIDS, the fight against climate change, childhood obesity and disaster relief. Beyond the music, there will also be short films highlighting some of these initiatives. 


“I am proud that some of today’s most influential performers are coming together to raise awareness about the work of my foundation,” said Clinton in a statement. “In the past decade, commitments to my Clinton Global Initiative have improved the lives of more than 300 million people around the world. We’ve lowered the cost of AIDS and HIV treatment, combated climate change, strengthened economies, increased access to education and healthcare, provided financing and mentoring for small businesses. This celebration marks 10 years of these efforts and demonstrates how much we can do to make a difference in the years ahead,” he added. 


All of the money raised will benefit the foundation — and if you're really feeling charitable, a big contribution could get you one of several once-in-a-lifetime opportunities. Example: For $500,000-$1 million, you'll receive four tickets for a VIP sound check on Oct. 14, a VIP reception with Clinton, a premium table for the evening gala, a brunch hosted by Chelsea Clinton on Saturday, 10 tickets to the concert, and then a presidential golf outing on Sunday with the former president. Now THAT's a weekend. 


Check out more details about the concert here and additional info on the premium packages here

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Lady Gaga, Bono to honor Bill Clinton
Live concert at the Hollywood Bowl to honor the former president and his philanthropic efforts.