Back in May, when Lance Armstrong was announced as the face of Nissan's all-new electric Leaf, we glimpsed a short promotional video of the biking star lauding the "revolutionary" qualities of the car.

“I think the most exciting thing for me about the Leaf is that it’s the first of it’s kind," said Armstrong in the video. "Anytime you talk about technology — if it’s a computer, or if it’s a phone, or if it’s a bicycle — you always talk about next level. Like, what’s next level? Next level is the stuff that just blows you away. To me, the Leaf was just really, in my opinion, what I would call next level.”

Now, we've got the first commercial in what's sure to be a massive marketing blitz leading up to the Leaf's release in November. It's a creative mesh of Armstrong's biking world with the benefits of an electric car.

Check it out below:

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Lance Armstrong stars in new Nissan Leaf commercial
Seven-time Tour de France winner extols virtues of new electric vehicle.