Last year, Lance Bass has an idea for a website that would easily allow celebrities to sell off personal items with proceeds benefiting charities. "Like clothes and couches and paintings and whatever like, it’s a real yard sale," he told Metro. "And so fans get to buy their favorite celebrity stuff and it goes to charity."


The former 'N Sync member named his site Famous Yard Sale, and while it's unclear whether the site was actually ever launched, we now know that its seemingly destined for reality television. 


The Hollywood Reporter has the scoop, saying that Bass has teamed up with production studio DiGa to produce a series based on the idea. 


“You get a little bit of [MTV’s] Cribs, a little bit of the Barbara Walters aspect where the celebrity is walking down memory lane, and a little bit of Pawn Stars,” says Liz Gateley, co-owner of DiGa. According to the site, the show will have a host and appraiser working with celebrities to organize each auction. Famous names willing to participate are currently being lined up while the producers shop the series to networks. 


“It has big set-piece moments, so it can definitely play on some of the broadcast networks,” says Gateley. “But it works equally well on cable.”

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Lance Bass developing celebrity yard sale series
Former 'N Sync member says new show will help celebrities sell off old memorabilia and raise money for charity.