With a supporting cast of celebrities and musicians, Larry King hosted a two-hour telethon on Monday aimed at raising cash for victims of the Gulf oil spill.

Those participating in CNN's "Disaster in the Gulf: How You Can Help" telethon included Sting, Tim McGraw, Cameron Diaz, Kathy Griffin, Alyssa Milano, Ian Somerhalder, Robert Redford, Harry Connick Jr., Jenny McCarthy, Edward James Olmos, Chelsea Handler, Deepak Chopra, Pete Wentz, Ted Danson, and many more.

More than $1.8 million was collected — a far cry from the $5 million that King helped collect for Haiti earthquake victims, but greatly welcomed nonetheless.

"Remember bureaucracy is slow," King said. "You can hear about millions being donated but it doesn't get there tomorrow. We're going to do our best to get it there pronto."

Funds raised from the telethon will be donated to the United Way, The National Wildlife Federation and The Nature Conservancy.

Check out a video of highlights from the event below:

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Larry King Gulf spill telethon brings in $1.8 million
Money to benefit charities working to support victims of the Gulf oil spill disaster.