It's too late to order stuff online, and it's almost too late to buy presents in stores. But you can still buy an amazing present from the comfort of your own home (computer) from these worthwhile organizations, by giving in the name of your recipient. Especially for all those people who have more than they need, this is a great time to remember all those who don't have much at all. 

Charity:Water ensures that 100% of the money donated to the organization is used to get people clean water. They accept credit cards and Paypal, and for you late-gifters, the options to print out a gorgeous card with your giftee's present from your own home computer/printer set up. 

If there's a new mother in your life, Changing the Present's Feed a Mother gift is a thoughtful way to help another recent mom: $92 "will feed a pregnant or breastfeeding mother in Mali for an entire year so that her child can grow up healthy and strong." Another way to help mothers is via a Birthing Kit from Concern Worldwide, which provides some very basic supplies that can improve a woman's chances of surviving childbirth in countries where resources are scarce. 

Farm Sanctuary rescues animals that are abandoned or mistreated in farm settings and gives them a new lease on life. Their Adopt-an-Animal program is ideal for the passionate animal lover in your life. 

The Nature Conservancy's Green Gift Holidays offers something for everyone on your list: Adopt an Acre for those people who love natural spaces; for the freshwater/kayaker/paddleboarder/swimmer, give: The Gift of Clean Water; for the sailer/beachlover/fish-appreciating kid, give: Protecting Oceans; for the hiker/backpacker, give: The Gift of Healthy Forests and don't forget something For the Birder

Give a piece of Earth's lungs to the athlete on your list; help conserve rainforest land in a number of countries through the Rainforest Alliance's Adopt-a-Rainforest project. 

Starre Vartan ( @ecochickie ) covers conscious consumption, health and science as she travels the world exploring new cultures and ideas.

Last-minute give-back gifts for all
These presents help places and people in need, and are easy to get ASAP online.