Legendary astronaut Buzz Aldrin, the second man after Neil Armstrong to walk on the moon, is developing a sci-fi television series based on his 1996 novel, "Encounter with Tiber."

The 83-year-old told BuzzFeed during the premiere for the new film "After Earth" that he's confident his new series could turn out even better than some other well-known franchises.

"I believe that it will be better than 'Star Trek' or 'Star War's because it is more realistic, it deals with real kinds of beings a long time ago that had realistic travel capabilities and they weren’t shooting people up or anything,” he said. “It is genuine progression of exploration to the point where we are now, in our thinking. And [in the story] we think about getting that new information that the fictitious aliens left that we found and gave us the knowledge to travel from our sun to nearby stars … I think what we are doing will progressively be a lot more realistic."

"Encounter with Tiber," which Aldrin says will be shortened to just "Tiber," tells the story of humans discovering ancient alien artifacts at the South Pole. A human historian on a star ship on the way to Alpha Centauri (the alien's home planet) uses the time during the mission to decipher the artifacts and learn how early alien visits shaped humanity's rise.

Aldrin is right in calling this a drama — as it certainly does not appear to have the action of either "Star Trek" or "Star Wars" — but thoughtful, accurate sci-fi is always something we could use more of. It would be great to see "Tiber" run away with that distinction.

So when can we expect the series to hit? Unfortunately, things are still in the early developmental stages, with no cast attached just yet. For now, we'll have to deal with less-realistic offerings from Hollywood such as "After Earth," which Buzz says was good fun, but not very accurate. "There was a lot of noise," he said of the film. "In space, you don't get that much noise."

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Legendary astronaut Buzz Aldrin developing scifi TV series
Aldrin says the new drama, based on his 1996 book 'Encounter with Tiber,' will be better than either 'Star Trek' or 'Star Wars.'