Come with me to the mountains of Patagonia and witness the joyful bond between a skier named Santiago Guzman and a dog named Congo.

With "Sun Dog," filmmaker Ben Sturgulewski has crafted the perfect mix of music, stunning visuals and beautiful storytelling. The short film, the third in DPS Cinematic’s Shadow Campaign, follows the course of a day near the Refugio Frey, a mountain hut located at around 5,600 feet above the town of Bariloche. What happens when Guzman and Congo ski the surrounding peaks is nothing short of infectious joy.

"Dogs just have this energy, and Conga’s energy was so infectious right from the beginning," Sturgulewski told NatGeo. "So much stoke and happiness to be out there. When we got to the hut, conditions were bad. We had no snow and it was super windy, so we were bummed. But then we went outside with Conga, and she was just so stoked to be there that we caught on as well. It’s so simple, and it’s good to be reminded of that kind of pure and childlike enjoyment of the mountains." 

Check out "Sun Dog" below: 

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Let the infectious joy of 'Sun Dog' wash over you
Short film about a skier and a dog frolicking in the snow-capped peaks of Patagonia is as gorgeous as it is joyful.