Lindsay Lohan's court-ordered three-month probation at California's Betty Ford Clinic is putting a squeeze on the troubled actress' finances — but could a recent PETA cash offer help ease the bleeding? 

The animal rights organization, never shy about gaining press through celebrity woes, offered $10K to the 24-year-old after learning that she was struggling to afford her estimated $150K rehab bill. The catch? She would have to go vegan the entire time. As a bonus, the organization offered another $10K if she stuck with the animal-free diet for a year after. 

To put this in perspective, the only other offer of sponsorship that Lohan received was from a porn production company. 

According to a source close to the star, Lindsay is seriously considering PETA's "very generous offer."

"Lindsay loves animals, and looks at it as a ‘win-win’ since being a vegetarian is a healthier lifestyle that she is striving for," the source told Radar Online. "Lindsay would love it if PETA would offer to pay her entire rehab bill. However, she isn’t expecting that to happen, and is just grateful for the offer PETA has made.”

"Lindsay Lohan is the most visible example of a real addict, and if she can conquer her addiction to meat and cheese, absolutely anyone can," said Ingrid Newkirk, PETA's president and co-founder.

The group is also sending a vegan care-package to the actress, including Paul McCartney's DVD about slaughterhouses called "Glass Walls" and a vegetarian/vegan starter kit.

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Lindsay Lohan may go vegan to pay rehab bill
Actress 'seriously considering' cash offer from PETA in return for adopting animal-free diet.