Livia Firth, the successful eco-entrepreneur, fashionista, and wife of actor Colin Firth, has joined her husband in being named an Oxfam Global Ambassador. 


"I am really excited to become an Ambassador for Oxfam," she said in a statement. "I hugely respect the way that it works, supporting communities to find solutions to the problems they face – whether by safeguarding the rights of women, ensuring that people have access to healthcare and education or something as fundamental as making sure that everyone has enough to eat."


The Firths have long been contributors to Oxfam; with Livia in particular donating several of the famous sustainable gowns, as well as jewelry, worn for her annual Green Carpet Challenge. The Fairtrade gold and aquamarine jewelry she wore for the 2011 Oscars alone raised more than $40K for the charity. 


"I’m also a big supporter of Oxfam’s shops," she added, "not just because I have many Oxfam purchases in my wardrobe but because Oxfam encourages reuse rather than throwaway fashion, helping others in the process. This seems to me to be the ideal way to shop."


Claire Lewis, Oxfam Global Ambassador Program Manager said: "Livia is a wonderful ambassador to welcome into the organization. She is always so generous with her time, her ideas and her amazing donations such as the wonderful Green Carpet Challenge dresses. She has a huge amount of energy and is passionate and committed in her support of Oxfam’s work. Livia is a great asset to Oxfam and we are looking forward to working with her even more closely now as a Global Ambassador."


Firth joins an exclusive club of Global Ambassadors that includes such names as Scarlett Johansson, Coldplay's Chris Martin, Archbishop Desmond Tutu, and Helen Mirren. To learn more about her work with Oxfam, check out her official profile here


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Livia Firth accepts role as Oxfam Global Ambassador
Longtime supporter of the charity, Firth says she's excited to expand her efforts to help people around the world.