Liz Climo is a talented illustrator who works on "The Simpsons." But when she isn't at her day job, she's creating an adorable cartoon series that captures the mundane moments of modern life using animal characters. Climo's comics include whales, bears, crocodiles, dolphins, platypus, octopus, dinosaurs and even sharks.

Her cartoon series, which she documents on her Tumblr, is light, witty and delightful. It's no wonder that the comic's growing fan base has also spawned a book series and greeting card line. In an interview with the Daily Dot, Climo said that she was surprise but thankful for the positive response she has received. "These comics are dedicated to everyone. Hopefully they make you smile, because smiling is fun,” joked Climo.

Climo, a character artist and storyboard revisionist for "The Simpsons," shared an inspiring story about landing her first job with the show: “I studied Art at San Jose State University but was rejected when I applied to the school of Animation. Then, two weeks later, I got a job on The Simpsons. The lesson? Stay in school – unless the school doesn’t want you and you get a job offer. In that case pack your bags and don’t look back.”

Here are a few of our favorites from her series:

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Liz Climo softens all life's awkward moments with this animal cartoon
Animator from 'The Simpsons' captures the mundane and the epic in her cartoon.