Sceneframing: The Walking Dead

Photo: FanGirlQuest

In the image above, the iconic shot of Atlanta's post-apocalyptic zombie wasteland from AMC's "The Walking Dead" is framed by the real-life (and sans-zombie) location where it was shot.

To capture fascinating visuals like this one, a group of unapologetically geeky fangirls from Finland have spent the last several years visiting iconic film locations throughout Europe and the U.S. and juxtaposing the scenery alongside the television and movie scenes that made them famous.

The team, which includes photographer Tiia Öhman and travel guru Satu Walden, dubbed this genre of fandom photography "sceneframing."

"The idea of visiting filming locations and comparing them to what was seen on film is certainly nothing new," they explain on their Fangirl Quest website, "But we hadn’t seen it done with tablets and phones before, so we thought we’d give it a go. Like giving it a little modern kick."

Continue below to see more of these clever images, which reference scenes from major television and film favorites, including "Forrest Gump," "Doctor Who," "The Avengers," "Downton Abbey" and more.

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Sceneframing: Kirk and Spock

Captain Kirk and Spock walk near the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco in "Star Trek: The Voyage Home."

Sceneframing: Downton Abbey

Edith Crawley's wedding scene on BBC's "Downton Abbey" was captured outside St. Mary's Church in Bampton, England.

Sceneframing: Forrest Gump running

The place where Forrest Gump stopped running — Highway 163 near Monument Valley, Utah.

Sceneframing: Avengers

Black Widow from "The Avengers" fights hostile aliens outside of Grand Central Station in New York City.

Sceneframing: Sherlock

The titular character of BBC's "Sherlock" makes a dramatic plunge off the rooftop of St. Bartholomew's Hospital during the season two episode, "The Reichenbach Fall."

Sceneframing: Vulcans

Spock's parents — Sarek and Amanda — hang out in front of the Vasquez Rocks in California's Sierra Pelona Mountains in the 2009 "Star Trek" reboot.

Sceneframing: Beatles

The famous thoroughfare in London where the Beatles snapped the cover for their 1968 album, "Abbey Road."

Sceneframing: Forrest Gump and Jenny

The dramatic reunion of Forrest Gump and his childhood sweetheart Jenny was captured in the National Mall's Reflecting Pool in Washington, D.C.

Sceneframing: Doctor Who

The Tenth and Eleventh Doctors of BBC's "Doctor Who" bid farewell to Queen Elizabeth I outside England's Chepstow Castle in the "The Day of the Doctor" episode.

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Looking for geeky tourist fun? Give 'sceneframing' a try
A group of dedicated fangirls photograph iconic film locations and compare them to the scenes that made them famous.