Though his character on "LOST" loved fast food — and even owned a chain of restaurants called Mr. Clucks — these days Jorge Garcia is more interested in tofu than chicken.

The 37-year-old actor recently announced that he has dropped the meat and gone vegetarian. "I've been a vegetarian for about four months now," Jorge told the site TV Squad

While the health benefits are often a large part in the decision to go all-plant, Garcia insists that this one was more about the animals. 

"He says knowing how pigs, cows, chickens and most farm animals are raised in close quarters and slaughtered inhumanely prompted him to make the change," Maggie Furlong writes. 

But don't expect Jorge to start waving the PETA flag anytime soon. "I don't think I'll be an activist or anything," he said. "It's just a personal choice."

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'LOST' star goes vegetarian
Jorge Garcia, who played "Hurley" on the hit series, decides to drop meat for the animals.