ETSY, the online marketplace for homemade goods, is not often the place your find a popular actress modeling threads — but then again, what are friends for?

Christina Hendricks, the actress on the hit television series "Mad Men", has been popping up on the ESTY store Blackbird Design House — owned by her friend and fellow actress Tamara Mello. TV Hunter first found the photos of Hendricks modeling various scarves on June 25 — and MSNBC's Hunter Walker spied a few more yesterday.

"All of the scarves are on sale for $130," writes Walker. "This is one of two online options for fans and/or creepy stalker to buy clothing worn by Hendricks. A dress she sported during an episode of "Mad Men" is on sale in a charity auction on eBay along with furniture from the show's old sets."

For her part, Mello, who also owns a jewelry shop, definitely approaches her creations with green in mind. "I use reclaimed metals and vintage charms in much of my work because I believe strongly in a thing never outliving its usefulness or beauty," she writes on the site. "In this way I hope to leave our world just a little better than the way I found it or at least to do no more harm."

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'Mad Men' star Christina Hendricks models for ETSY shop
Actress lends friend a hand in posing for pics with various hand-knit scarves.