Back in October, Vincent Kartheiser — who stars in the hit AMC series "Mad Men" — popped up on green sites everywhere after a NY Times article detailed his carless existence in Los Angeles

"I like that my life slows down when I go places," he said. "I have all these interactions with the human race and I can watch people living their life and not just in their car."

On an appearance on MSNBC yesterday afternoon, Kartheiser went a bit deeper into his green beliefs which, beyond not using cars, also include giving up any ideas of having kids and avoiding meat. 

"I've been a vegetarian for four years and I have chosen not to have children, which are both green choices in my life," he said. "I also xeriscaped my lawn."

Of course, Kartheiser's choices aren't the only way to make a difference — and he encourages others out there to find whatever changes work for them. 

“If there is some way you can give up meat or give up your car on the weekends or something small like that, I think every little difference in our own lives makes a big difference when done by the masses.”

Check out the interview below.

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