Could the writers of AMC's hit series "Mad Men" strike gold yet again with another period drama set in the 1960s? According to Space Coast Film Commissioner Bonnie King, producers are looking to trade the advertising offices of Madison Ave. for the beat offices of journalists covering the 1960's U.S. space program. 

"Hopefully, it happens," Cocoa Beach, Fla., Mayor Dave Netterstrom told Florida Today. "It would be super cool. We're trying to positively develop our brand and our image. We want to let people know we're a cool place to visit and a cool place to live."

Naturally, writers for the new series would have plenty of dramatic moments from the 1960s space race to focus on. Everything from the early Gemini program to the Apollo missions (including the first moon landing) would be fair game — all set against the backdrop of intense competition with the Soviet Union. 

The Space Coast, which features the iconic area code of "321," has been actively investing in tourism and private industry in the wake of NASA's 2011 shuttering of the space shuttle program. According to King, the new series — tentatively titled "Cocoa Beach" — is at the top of her list of potential film and television projects she's working to draw to the area.

Filming on "Cocoa Beach" would reportedly last from July 2013 to March 2014. 

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'Mad Men' writers may tackle the 1960s space program next
New series would focus on the journalists who covered the golden era of the U.S. space program in Cocoa Beach, Fla.