If you ever get the opportunity to meet Madonna, don't screw it up by bringing a bouquet of hydrangeas. The 53-year-old unknowingly revealed her sentiments towards the flowers while promoting her new movie "W.E." at the Venice Film Festival last week. 


While on the press panel for the film, a gentleman gave the pop singer some hydrangeas, prompting some eye rolls and a videotaped recording of “I absolutely loathe hydrangeas.” She added about the gifter, “He obviously doesn’t know that.”


After the clip hit YouTube, everyone naturally found out/freaked out/agreed/disagreed/said some nasty things, etc. Said one commenter: "I thought all grandmas loved hydrangeas?" Ouch. 


Anyways, Madonna — channeling her inner-honey badger — released a video today apologizing to a bouquet of hydrangeas, only to later stomp on them and once again declare her hatred for the plant. Said Gawker mockingly, "it's her best work since 'Like a Virgin'."


Check it out below. 


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