Last April, Madonna laid the first brick for her $15 million Malawi girl’s school called Raising Malawi Academy for Girls. The goal of the new institution is to educate, protect, and empower 450 young girls, described by the pop singer, as "the future of Malawi". 

The 52-year-old was inspired to start the Raising Malawi charity after adopting two children from the country and witnessing first hand the devastation of the AIDS virus. More than 1 million kids (in a population of 14 million) have been left orphaned by the disease.

"Having seen the determination in the eyes of these children, I know they have the strength to save Malawi—they just need to be given the tools," she said back in April.

Besides the new school, Madonna is also helping fund six separate orphanages (supporting more than 25,000 children) -- but with today's new announcement, it's clear that she feels even more must be accomplished.

"My original vision is now on a much bigger scale," she writes on her website. "I want to reach thousands not hundreds of girls. I want to do more and I want to do it better."

According to the release, Madonna is planning on building several schools in communities across the country. "We are currently determining the size, location, staffing and curriculum of the schools," she writes. "I will continue to monitor the process of reaching these goals here and through my ongoing visits to Malawi."

It goes without saying that education is vital to any developing country; something this material girl clearly recognizes. To expand an already very generous program in an effort to reach even more and lift up those with few options is as commendable as it is inspiring.

To learn more about how you can help the children of Malawi, visit Madonna's charity site here.

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Madonna to build more schools in Malawi
Pop singer expands original scope to help reach thousands of impoverished children in need of an education.