There are makeup artists, and then there are artists who create illusions, blurring the line between what is real and what is fake. Serbian artist Mirjana Milosevic is that artist. She calls herself a "skin illusionist," and once you see her work is this video shot by Dimitrije Milivojevic, you'll understand why.

Milosevic uses only makeup, yet she transforms her body into captivating (and sometimes creepy) body deformations. Her goal is "to make people see something that doesn't really exists with only makeup," she told MNN.

The process takes her several hours, and she says the hardest part is training her mind to paint the opposite way since she's looking in a mirror while she applies the makeup. Another challenge is holding her breath for long periods of time to ensure a "successful and perfect illusion." She achieves the 3-D look by using different tones of a similar color and lots of shading.

In 2016, she won first place in the international NYX Face Awards competition for her Jack-in-the-box. You can watch her painstaking attention to detail in the video above.

As she points out on her Facebook page, Milosevic says she learned to draw before she learned to walk. As a child, she "was drawing every day on every surface she could reach." After having her own children, she was inspired in 2012 to learn face painting and the basics of makeup art. Since then, she has competed in competitions around the world — all while sharing her personal mantra: "This world needs colors and beautiful things."

Mirjana Milosevic braid
'Braided Body' (Photo: Mirjana Milosevic)

Milosevic says she wants to continue developing her skills and techniques and would like to work on movies and music videos.

Her advice for anyone who wants to become a makeup/illusion artist? "Don’t be afraid of failing ... Don’t waste your time thinking [about who] is better than you and just get up. Let your passion take you! You will make it just if you want to!"

Mirjana Milosevic blue ghost
Genie and the lamp (Photo: Mirjana Milosevic)
Mirjana Milosevic see through body
What's hidden underneath Mirjana's shirt? (Photo: Mirjana Milosevic)
Mirjana Milosevic skeleton
Milosevic sometimes incorporates objects to make her body illusions look more realistic. (Photo: Mirjana Milosevic)
Mirjana Milosevic t bone body
Milosevic blurs the lines between where her arms and stomach really are. (Photo: Mirjana Milosevic)
Mirjana Milosevic blue hair woman
She even paints over her eyes in order to capture a certain whimsical look. (Photo: Mirjana Milosevic)
Mirjana Milosevic gypsy woman
It's nearly impossible to tell where her real facial features are. (Photo: Mirjana Milosevic)
Mirjana Milosevic chest makeup illusion
Milosevic's gaping hole (Photo: Mirjana Milosevic)