Mandy Moore has joined a long list of celebrities showing their support in the fight against malaria in Africa.

The 26-year-old actress is currently in the Central African Republic (CAR) this week to help raise funds and distribute net beds that can be used to prevent mosquito bites — the primary cause of malaria.

"We can prevent this disease, we can save lives," she said during a conference call today. "We just need everyone's involvement ... a 10 dollar donation truly does save lives."

Moore is working with the United Nations' "Nothing but Nets" campaign, as well as Population Services International to help distribute 837,000 nets — one for every family in CAR that needs one. The disease is the number one killer in Africa, where a child dies every 45 seconds from malaria. By providing the insecticide-treated bed nets (which cost only $10 and last an average of four years), the UN is giving families arguably the best weapon to fight the disease.

Last year, Moore traveled to the Sudan with PSI and saw first-hand just how powerful something as a net could be. "The impact and lifesaving interventions are unlike anything I've ever experienced or thought I would experience," she recorded in her online journal. "I can't wait to experience more of PSI's work around the world and help bring awareness to it." 

To find out how you can help — or make a simple $10 donation to help save a life — visit the UN's campaign website here.

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Mandy Moore continues fight against malaria
Actress heads to Africa to support the United Nations' "Nothing but Nets" campaign.