Few actors are as gregarious and humble as Mandy Patinkin - character traits he displays over and over again whether on the set, in the studio, or even in the back of a cab

On a recent episode of "Live with Kelly and Michael," the hosts started their interview with the "Homeland" actor by refreshing his memory about an email they'd received earlier from Sandy Hyman; a woman who claimed he was her first kiss. Patinkin's reaction was awesome - and he immediately reached out to her over phone to reconnect. Kelly and Michael, however, upped the ante by arranging Sandy to appear during this week's episode for a surprise reunion.  

Upon seeing Sandy appear from the wings, Patinkin starts screaming, "Oh my God! My God! My God!" over and over. 

Hyman asked the actor, "Would you know me if you saw me now?"

Patinkin's sweet response: "In a heartbeat I'd know you."

Kelly and Michael weren't done. The next surprise guest down memory lane was none other than Patinkin's college love, Lenore "Nori" Haines.

"I can't take this," the 61-year-old said. "Am I dying or something? What's happening?"

Check out the touching reunions below. 

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Mandy Patinkin's 'first kiss' reunion will leave you smiling
Actor surprised during an appearance on 'Live with Kelly and Michael' with not one, but two old loves.