It's March Madness time, and you know what that means: basketball, pizza — and vasectomies?


It's part of a new promotion from a urology clinic in Cape Cod, Mass., that promises to give guys a free pizza and a guilt-free way to watch the NCAA “March Madness” basketball tournament. The only catch? They have to get a vasectomy.


The idea is to give guys who have considered a vasectomy the perfect opportunity to undergo the procedure during a time when they can spend the two-to-seven day recovery period lounging on the sofa and watching one of the biggest sporting events of the year. The free pizza is just an extra perk.


This isn't the first time the Cape Cod clinic, Urology Associates, has run such a promotion. And while the group usually only see 20-30 patients each month, March Madness month typically brings in 100 appointments.


Oddly enough, the clinic is not the first to offer a March Madness vasectomy promotion. The first such promotion can be credited to Oregon-based facility that ran a “Snip City” March Madness promotion in 2008, offering patients a “special recovery kit” including a T-shirt, a pair of 3-D glasses, an issue of Sports Illustrated and a cooler.


It's certainly interesting. So, would 3-D glasses or a pizza and the promise of a guilt-free opportunity to watch sports entice you to get a vasectomy?

March Madness brings basketball, pizza ... and vasectomies?
Massachusetts clinic offers free pizza with vasectomies during March Madness.