If this one is to be believed, officials working at the Office of Homeland Security in Pennsylvania have labeled actor Mark Ruffalo a threat to national security. 

The "Shutter Island" and future "Incredible Hulk" star was placed on a terror advisory watch list by the department after organizing some screenings for the documentary “Gasland,” which paints a dark picture of natural gas drilling practices in America. 

The 43-year-old tells GQ Magazine that he was more amused than concerned with his name appearing on the list. “It’s pretty [expletive] funny,” he told the mag. “It’s kind of raaaadical.”

I'm in agreement on the stupidity of this revelation — because, really? Organizing screenings of an award-winning Sundance documentary leads to suspicions of potential terrorist activity? 

According to Entertainment Weekly, the entire story may indeed be too far-fetched to be true. The mag contacted the Pennsylvania office of Homeland Security, which denied that the actor had ever been included on any list, or that any such list existed.

So either Ruffalo is pulling our leg or Pennsylvania officials are too embarrassed to admit that he was ever included. Regardless, all this media coverage has benefited awareness of "Gasland," which is advertised as "Part verite travelogue, part expose, part mystery, part bluegrass banjo meltdown, part showdown." You can check out a trailer for the flick below. But be careful: watching it could lead to Big Brother keeping an eye on you. 

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Mark Ruffalo a threat to national security?
Actor says U.S. officials added him to the terror advisory list after he organized screenings for 'Gasland,' an environmental documentary.