Mark Wahlberg is throwing his star power behind yet another quirky reality television series. 

The 42-year-old, who already has a hit reality show "Wahlburgers" chronicling his family's nascent burger business, is now getting behind a new series revolving around an upstart Boston micro-brewery. Titled "The Big Brew Theory," the series is an intentional play on the geeky comedy "The Big Bang Theory," following "four quirky and highly intelligent MIT grad students who have pooled their life savings to achieve their dream of creating a home grown micro-brewery." 

Like "Wahlburgers," which was recently picked up for an additional 18 episodes, "Brew Theory" will appear on A&E networks. 

According to, the micro-brewery in question is none other than the recently-formed Aeronaut Brewing Co. From the site: 

"Co-founder Ben Holmes wasn’t able to say much, beyond the fact that the show is about him and his co-founders, but he did email me this: 'Unfortunately I can’t give much comment otherwise except to say that they filmed enough that A&E bought the pilot!'"
You can learn more about Aeronaut on their official blog here. There are no details yet as to when "Brew Theory" will air. 

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Mark Wahlberg to produce 'The Big Brew Theory'
New reality series on A&E will follow MIT grad students focused on creating a successful micro-brewery.