Television personality Martha Stewart has become the latest big name to speak out against gestation crates for pigs - specifically focusing on legislation in New Jersey that would ban the cruel practice. 

"As a native New Jerseyan, I've always been proud of our state for its pro-animal positions, whether it be relating to the protection of dogs, cats, horses, or other animals. Time and again, our lawmakers have made it clear that they care about preventing animal cruelty. It's for that reason that overwhelmingly -- by votes of 29 to 4 in the Senate and 60 to 5 in the Assembly -- you supported S.1921, authored by Senator Raymond Lesniak, to phase out the cruel confinement of pigs in 'gestation crates,' a standard but inhumane practice in the industrial pork industry," Stewart writes in her open letter to New Jersey lawmakers.

Despite 91% of New Jersey residents approving of the ban, as well as tremendous support from lawmakers, Gov. Christie vetoed bill S. 1921 back in May. The bill would require that "pigs used for breeding be able to at least stand up, lie down, turn around and extend their limbs." According to HSUS, the Governor was under intense pressure from "out-of-state pork interests." A coalition of 20 animal welfare groups have restarted the campaign to urge lawmakers to overturn the veto and protect pigs from cruelty. 

"I urge you to reaffirm your support for this common sense legislation and vote to override Gov. Christie's regrettable veto," Stewart continues. "These animals have committed no crime, yet they’re treated worse than even the most violent criminals would be treated. No prisoner in our state – or country, for that matter – is kept in a cage so small he can’t turn around for months on end. This is torture, and we shouldn’t permit it to be inflicted on anyone, especially animals who have done nothing to deserve such callous punishment."

You can view a television commercial the HSUS created for the campaign below. 

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Martha Stewart urges New Jersey to end cruelty to pigs
Media mogul writes letter to New Jersey lawmakers asking them to reaffirm their support for a bill that would ban the use of inhumane gestation crates.