While Matt Damon and Ben Affleck's hilarious "Batman-themed" photo from last week helped kickstart their new Omaze charity fundraiser, a new video featuring the stars has taken it viral. 

Damon, who has previously used humor to great effect with his Water.org charity, is shown alongside Affleck explaining the fundraiser and the grand prize of a night on the town with the two stars. 

"It'd be like a best friend double date," says Affleck. 

"Be like us hanging out, taking selfies and talking about how the Sox are doing," adds Damon.

"Or if you have more sophisticated interests.' the new Batman star interupts. "We could talk about 19th century literature or the current state of politics in the Middle East."

Not missing a beat, Damon interjects: "Or if you don't want the s*** bored out of you by Ben we could maybe switch it around and ask you some questions like: Where you from, what are you into, do you have any pets?"

Affleck: "Or I could ask you more meaningful questions like: what are your hopes, what are your dreams, what are your fears?"

Damon at the plate:  "And if like you don't want to get really weirded out by having existential questions posed to you by Ben Affleck then maybe we could talk about other fun stuff like stories from the set of The Bourne Identity or any of the other hit movies that I've been in."

And so on, and so on...

The point of this whole campaign is to help raise money for Damon's Water.org and Affleck's Eastern Congo Initiative. Like previous Omaze gigs, this one only costs $10 for a chance to win. 

Check out the video below. The contest ends February 18th. 

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Matt Damon and Ben Affleck make fun of each other for charity
Actors lay on the jabs in a hilarious video aimed at raising more awareness of their Omaze charity fundraiser.