With only days left until this year's G8 summit in Northern Ireland, celebs such as Matt Damon, Alec Baldwin, Michael Douglas and Whoopi Goldberg have joined forces to urge leaders to move towards a world without nuclear weapons. 

The new PSA is part of a broad campaign by Global Zero, a group working to stop the proliferation of nuclear weapons, secure the current worldwide arsenal, and eventually disarm the more than 17,000 nuclear weapons in existence. 

“The message from national security experts and citizens around the world is clear: the only way to eliminate the global nuclear danger is to eliminate all nuclear weapons,” said Michael Douglas. “It's time to set the world's course to zero.”

“Nuclear weapons are obsolete relics of the Cold War, they do not address today’s security threats, and they cost $1 trillion per decade globally,” said Morgan Freeman. “It’s time we get rid of them.”

Check out the video below. You can help support Global Zero's mission by visiting the site here

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Matt Damon, Michael Douglas, demand an end to nuclear weapons
Actors join other others in urging President Obama to stay true to his commitment to reduce nuclear weapons during this year's G8 summit.