Following his highly successful Toilet Strike campaign released last month (which has since been viewed nearly 1 million times on YouTube), Matt Damon has released another PSA in honor of World Water Day. 

Like his previous videos, Damon uses humor to get his message across — a technique that more and more appears to keep viewers engaged with what's happening on screen. This time, the 42-year-old actor appears as an animated stick person in a video created by the clever people at ADDTV. The genius of the content is that it's not only funny, but also moves along very quickly, offering perhaps the best summation ever of the water crisis in a little under 2 minutes and 30 seconds. 

“Quick, what invention saved the most lives in human history? The answer is the can, the john, the porcelain throne, the bog, the foreign office, the Thomas crapper. That’s right, the toilet,” says Damon in the PSA. “Whatever you choose to call it, the toilet not only provides a tranquil escape from nagging bosses, spouses and children, it’s also a fast and sanitary way to dispose of waste separate from the water we drink and bathe in.”

Damon goes on to reveal some sobering facts: 1 billion people defecate in the open, more people have a mobile phone than a toilet, and fecal matter is responsible for most illnesses. 

“Without toilets, human waste and bacteria seep into the water supply, which makes people sick, especially kids,” says Damon. “Half of the world’s hospital beds are occupied by patients with water-related diseases such as diarrhea and intestinal infection. These disease kill 10,000 people a day, nearly all of whom are in the developing world … and yes, death by diarrhea is as pleasant as it sounds.”

To learn more about the water crisis, I encourage you to watch Damon's excellent new PSA below, as well as visit to donate

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Matt Damon narrates animated PSA for World Water Day
Actor once again leverages humor to raise awareness on the water crisis and the steps we can take to solve it.