Mr. Thuan, a Vietnamese street barber

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A 78-year-old street barber named Thuan smokes a pipe and waits for customers on July 20 at his roadside barber shop in Hanoi, Vietnam. Thaun became a street barber over 30 years ago after leaving the Vietnamese military.

The tradition of street barbering in Hanoi stretches back to the 18th century. The average cost of a haircut ranges between $1-4 USD, depending on the reputation of the barber and whether you're a regular customer.

Like Thuan, many of the barbers are ex-miltary personnel who want to keep busy and help their families cover weekly expenses.

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Mr. Quan, a Vietnamese street barber

Quan, 22, is settling into his new career in streetside barbering one year after completing his service in the Vietnamese army.

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Mr. Binh, a Vietnamese street barber

Binh, a 60-year-old Vietnam War veteran, has been holding down his street barber shop for the past 10 years.

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Mr. Giang, a Vietnamese street barber

Giang, a 29-year-old street barber, set up shop after leaving school 6 years ago.

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Mr. Minh, a Vietnamese street barber

Before joining the ranks of Hanoi's street barbers, 47-year-old Minh was making a living by working in a hotel.

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