When I was single, being vegetarian didn't seem like a big deal; my previous partner had eaten meat, so I wasn't opposed to that idea. And while it would have been great to find a fellow vegetarian, it wasn't a dealbreaker, as long as I didn't have to cook any meat. According to the dating site AYI, my experience was pretty typical — and in fact men actually prefer vegetarian women (at least that's what the clicks on dating sites show). But veggie guys aren't as popular. 

The data that AYI collected found that guys are 13 percent more likely to click on vegetarian women's profiles, but that the opposite isn't true — women are actually 11 percent less likely to click on vegetarian men's profiles. The data was compiled by Josh Fisher, AYI’s vice president of product and data insights. He looked at interactions of more than 2 million users on the site. 

“We were kind of surprised by that,” Fischer told the Daily News. “Vegetarians are healthy — we thought they would have a higher likelihood of being contacted.”

Of course, judging someone by the minutiae in their online profile (which is what we all do when looking for dates on sites like AYI) has negative repercussions, including crossing someone off the list for what they choose to eat, which is probably a bit limiting — ask any of the couples you know about how well they agree on music, food, movies, etc., and you will find plenty of differences. “Possibly, some people are ruling people out based on preconceived notions,” Fischer said, putting it nicely.

Having dated several veggie and vegan guys, I have found them to be compassionate, thoughtful, intelligent and as successful (or not) as the next guy. At the end of the day, it was great to have something so basic — what we liked to eat, and why — in common with them, but it didn't make or break how we ended up feeling about each other. And I ended up with a guy who was vegan when I met him, but eats meat now, because he couldn't get the vegan diet to work for him. Which brings up another important part of relationships: We all change. 

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Men prefer to date vegetarians, but women don't
A survey on a dating site shows that veggie guys aren't as popular as veggie women.