First came Funny Or Die's "iSteve" starring Justin Long, followed by "JOBS" starring Ashton Kutcher and now, nearly four years after the Apple co-founder's passing, we have what many are calling the definitive film biopic version with "Steve Jobs" starring Michael Fassbender.

Directed by Danny Boyle ("127 Hours," "Slumdog Millionaire"), with a screenplay by Aaron Sorkin ("The Social Network," "The Newsroom"), the film is based on Walter Isaacson's best-selling Steve Jobs biography. In an interview with Yahoo Movies in May, Fassbender says he agreed to take on the lead role after reading Sorkin's script and coming away impressed.

"There’s always trepidation I think when you’re playing real people and representing them in a way on screen, for sure. But like I said, I think the writing was exceptional. I think it was a really intriguing way to tell the story about someone who is so famous and has changed all of our lives," he said. "I thought it was a really original approach on the biopic."

Of all the men listed above in the title role, it's actually Fassbender that looks the least like Jobs. But where Kutcher physically pulled it off (to what many would agree was an uncanny degree), Fassbender appears to have tapped into both the feel and voice of the character. As you'll see in the new full trailer below, it's enough to suspend disbelief to give life to both the dark and inspiring sides of the character.

"Steve Jobs" is slated for release on October 9th.

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    'Steve Jobs' trailer finally gives Michael Fassbender his moment on stage
    He may look nothing like the late Apple founder Steve Jobs, but Fassbender's portrayal in other respects appears spot-on.